Thomas M. De Neui


Principal Consultant


Reference Company Links  
   Agile       CA IDMS    
   Capability Maturity Model      CISCO Learning Center   
   Detect Screen Attributes    Data Direct/Shadow   
   HTTP:// List of Error Codes      GT Software 
   Iterative and Incremental      IBM
   IBM Mainframe    IBM HATS  
   Joint Application Development        IBM HATS Training & DEMO
   Perl        IBM System Z
   Rapid Application Development      IDMS User Association    
   Sarbanes Oxley    InsideHPC  
   Scrum    ITIL  
   System Development Life Cycle    Java.Sun  
   Waterfall Model    Micro Focus Cobol CGI      
   XP Extreme Programming    MYSQL        
   W3C    Office Timeline      
   Security Training Video      



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